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Evaluation Report

The Trull Foundation requires that all grantees, receiving a grant over $1,000, submit an evaluation report that is due one year from the date the funds are given.  The report may be submitted sooner when the funds are spent and/or the project is completed.  If a multiple year grant is given, an evaluation report for each year is requested.  An appropriate report length is one to two pages.

The following are questions that may assist in writing an evaluation report describing the use of The Trull Foundation’s grant:


  1. What was the purpose of The Trull Foundation grant given ____________ (on what date)?
  2. Did your grant evolve as planned and accomplish the objectives included in your grant’s goals?
  3. Tell about the scope of the grant, did it reach those projected to benefit, were the numbers more or less?
  4. Describe an unexpected outcome of this grant.
  5. As you evaluate the project, what are your future plans concerning it: discontinue, reorganize and redefine, maintain at present reach, or expand?