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The following documents listed in the guidelines are required for each proposal submitted to The Trull Foundation for consideration. Proposals that are submitted without the requested information will not be considered.




404 Fourth Street

Palacios, Texas  77465

(Questions about proposals and grants will be answered Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at (361) 972-5241)


MEETING DATES AND DEADLINES:  In 2014, The Trull Foundation will consider grants every month except July and December. Please mail your proposal so that it arrives at the Foundation by the 15th of the month PRIOR to the meeting month in which you would like your proposal to be considered. (Example: by January 15th for the February meeting) There will be no meeting in July or December.

The Trull Foundation will not consider proposals requesting funding for events that have already occured. (ex. camps) Proposals for such events should arrive at least two months prior to the event.


Each applicant should submit an original proposal.

A.  Proposal fact sheet (2-page maximum please, available from the Foundation from this website).

B.  Request letter (2-page maximum)

C.  Current Agency operating budget (1-3 pages), including sources of income.

D.  Project budget (one page) if different from operating budget.

E.  IRS information:

1.  Funds are granted to organizations with a current USA Internal Revenue 501(c)(3) document or to:

  • departments, agencies, and other services operated within federal, state or local government agencies, and
  • institutions and agencies affiliated with organized religions and religious bodies.

2.  All subsequent communications concerning exempt status.

3.  If there is any matter that might affect the IRS status to cause the revocation of the exemption, include information about this matter.

F.  Selected additional material or information (limit 5 pages) (optional).



  1. The Foundation will acknowledge receipt of proposals and will affirm the approval, denial, or request for more information within the 60 days.
  2. Proposals sent by FAX or email are not accepted.
  3. Please do not place the proposal documents in a folder or binder.
  4. Please do not send plaques or certificates of appreciation.