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In 1967 Florence M. Trull and her children established The Trull Foundation to receive the assets of the first B. W. Trull Foundation. B. W. and Florence M. Trull established the B. W. Trull Foundation in 1948 for religious, charitable and educational purposes until its expiration by terms of indenture in 1973.


For over sixty years these foundations have been actively interested in various educational, religious, cultural and social programs, the majority of which have been in the State of Texas. Both foundations have supported Presbyterian interests, without being limited to only those interests. The Trull Foundation continues to be concerned with people, with improving the quality of life, especially for those living in poor or oppressed conditions.


In 1999, many changes took place within the foundation.  Robert B. Trull, founder and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and his sister, Jean T. Herlin, also founder and Trustee resigned from the Board.  Both were given the honorary title of Trustee Emeritus.  At the 1999 Trull Foundation Semi Annual Meeting, Sarah H. Olfers was elected Trustee to fill the position of her mother, Jean T. Herlin and R. Scott Trull was elected Trustee to fill the position of his father Robert B. Trull.  At that same meeting, Colleen Claybourn was appointed Chairman of the Board.


Following the resignation of Rose C. Lancaster in 2007, at the 2008 foundation annual meeting, the board elected Cara P. Herlin (daughter-in-law of Jean T. Herlin) as trustee.  The Board also appointed R. Scott Trull, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, replacing Rose C. Lancaster.  The Board honored Rose with the title of Trustee Emerita, in appreciation of 32 years of commitment to The Trull Foundation.

During the 2010 year, J. Fred Huitt, a Trull Foundation Trustee serving for 43 years since the Foundation’s beginning in 1967, retired.  Craig A. Wallis was asked to serve as an Associate Trustee.  In 2011, the Board elected Craig as a Trustee of the Foundation to fill the open seat on the Board.

At the 2013 Trull Foundation Annual Trustees meeting, R. Scott Trull was elected Chairman of the Board, Cara P. Herlin as Vice Chairman, and Craig A. Wallis as Secretary/Treasurer.  Colleen Claybourn and Sarah H. Olfers continue as Trustees on the Foundation board.


In October 2012 at a Trull Foundation Retreat, the Trustees set the following priorities:

  1. A concern for the needs of Palacios and Matagorda County, where the Foundation has its roots. 
  2. A concern for children, channeling lives away from abuse, neglect, hunger and poverty.
  3. A concern for those persons and families devastated by the effects of substance abuse.
  4. A concern for the coastal Texas environment, recognizing and including water issues, estuaries, birds, agriculture and aquaculture.

The Foundation May:

  • Help prospective grantees consider their funding resources and help plan project assistance.
  • Support established agencies in development of new programs or in expansion of existing programs.
  • Give priority to projects in Texas, rural Texas communities, and the Foundation’s four focus areas.
  • Match other resources and offer challenge grants.
  • Cooperate with other foundations in funding projects.

The Foundation Usually Will Not:

  • Make long-term commitments.
  • Make grants for buildings, endowments, or research.